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Sweaty Dog Fitness Company provides a brand new way to give your best friend a happier, healthier and longer life. I will give your dog a superior fitness workout leaving him or her tired (calm), content and yes, “Sweaty”!  

So here you are looking for a solution. You need someone you can trust to look after your best friend's needs. During your search you have come across boarding kennels, dog walkers, pet sitters and other professional pet service companies.

Who you choose must be able to do three things:

  1. fulfill your best friend's needs
  2. be incredibly valuable and
  3. be affordable

With Sweaty Dog Fitness Company you can put a check beside each of those.

You and Your Best Friend Get All This

"Sweaty Dog Fitness Company offers the best value in the Barrie area"

So in researching doggie daycare centres, pet sitters and boarding kennels did they guarantee vigorous exercise? Or do they charge extra for "long" walks and playtime?

Is the best solution a dog walker? Are they knowledgeable or do they simply love dogs? And will your dog really get the exercise he or she needs?

I have used boarding kennels and they were wonderful. They offer a valuable service and will take great care of your dog, but . . .

 . . . I offer something no one else does.
I specialize in long distance runs starting at 5 kilometres. These runs are targeted to maximize your dog's fitness and health. 
  • My runs are mainly through hilly, forested nature trails, giving your dog an intense workout. This is the kind of proper exercise most dogs need.  And long runs mean a fitter, healthier dog so you can enjoy the extra companionship an extended life brings. See my video sample down the page.
  • One thing's for sure, a long outing with me equals less time at home alone. What does this mean to you? Less boredom and therefore less destructive behaviour so you can rest assured there will be no unwanted surprises when you get home.
  • What's more, running on trails and natural surfaces is less stressful on your dogs' joints, preventing or prolonging the onset of any joint problems. The fact is, you have a happier, healthier dog and you save money with less unwanted visits to your vet.
  • Although most dog walkers offer private walks I choose to run with a pack. Not only is this more natural for dogs, your dog learns how to interact in a pack setting and encourages good behaviour with other dogs
  • It is known that an exercised dog is easier to train. And training can be highly frustrating. So get your dog out for a run with the pack. You'll get more effective training (discipline) and become top dog as Pack Leader. The reward is a more fulfilling relationship.
  • If you need a little help training your dog, I will gladly offer advice. Along with tips from my website this will save you the money normally spent on training classes.
  • And perhaps best of all? I take care of the large chunk of time it takes to provide proper exercise. Now you have more time to play with your dog and give it the affection it needs. 

In short, Sweaty Dog Fitness Companys' elite fitness training results in a happier, healthier dog, greatly improving your best friend's chances of a longer life.  

Intrigued? Contact me now to find out more about Sweaty Dog Fitness Company. Let's get started on a commitment to your best friends health.

Remember it is totally risk free. I believe so strongly in the benefits of my services I put my Personal Guarantee on it.


. . .  act now to find out more.

Sweaty Dog Fitness Company Rates Per 5Km Pack Run

1 dog - $30 + HST
2 dogs from same house - $45 + HST

See Terms and Conditions for Pricing Information

Features of Sweaty Dog's Services

  • registered and fully insured
  • dogs are kept on leash
  • no visits to dog parks
  • filtered water supplied
  • GPS Dog Tracker included - follow your dog live as we trek through the nature trails
  • no rate hikes on weekends or stat holidays
  • same day service available when possible
  • videos and pictures included
  • pick up and drop off free in Barrie and immediate area
  • poop bags provided (and used!)
  • custom or special needs available
  • referral specials and discounts

Who Needs This?

So who would find my services useful? Are you . . .

  • Someone heading off for a vacation or weekend getaway and feel your dog would be more comfortable being left at home instead of a kennel?
  • Someone who has a dog with behavioural problems such as barking, biting, destruction, unruliness, jumping up or excitability?
  • Someone who works long days and wants their dog to be ultra healthy?
  • Someone who already gives their dog plenty of vigorous exercise and needs a fill in?
  • Someone who isn’t physically capable of giving their dog proper exercise and wants to?
  • Someone who walks their dog regularly and wants to add a day or two of vigorous exercise with a pack?
  • Someone who can’t stand winter or cold, wet and windy days?
  • Someone who is sick and needs a fill in?
  • Off to the dreaded vet or groomer visit, try running your dog before to reduce the level of anxiety
Do you fall into one of those categories? One not mentioned? If so, I am confident that your dog will reap the rewards of Sweaty Dog Fitness Company. And I guarantee it.

A Happy Dog?

Check out this short video taken during one of our runs. There are a series of clips on my YouTube page to give you an idea of the vigorous exercise your dog will get. Click  Sweaty Dog Fitness Videos to see more.

And Finally . . .

If my many years of running with dogs has taught me anything it is there are a lot of dogs that don’t get proper exercise. Or training for that matter. I have passed too many dogs barking madly in their backyard or in their window. It saddens me and I feel for these dogs. If more owners trained and exercised their dogs, they would see a wonderfully rewarding, whole new side to their owner-dog relationship.

"The known benefits of exercise are many, but to many they are not known"

In studies on canines by groups such as the SPCA and Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine it shows that exercise . . . 

  • helps prevent boredom and channels the dog's energy in a productive, acceptable direction.
  • helps keep pets healthy, agile and limber.
  • reduces the incidence of digestive problems and constipation
  • helps prevent depression
  • is a good way to help a timid or fearful dog build confidence and trust
  • promotes healthy rest. A well-exercised dog will be sleepy instead of restless when it's time to relax or go to bed
  • is key to weight control

And there you have it. I encourage you to do whatever is necessary to provide the best health for your dog. It is worth the added time on earth for your best friend.

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