Sweaty Dog Links

Welcome to my Sweaty Links page. Here you will various links relating to the world of dog. It could be links to other dog walking services or doggie daycare services around Barrie or other professional pet services that I support. If placing these links on my site can help other pet services to become more successful or dog owners to become more educated then it is a winning situation for everyone.
Check back often for updates.

Here you will find Sweaty Dog's youtube channel. On my dog walks I take photos and videos as a service to my customers. It helps to keep the dog owners engaged with their dog's adventure for that day.


Click on this link to go to the home of the Barrie branch of the Ontario SPCA. Here you will learn about the incredible work they do for pets of all kind, how they are involved in the community and how you can get involved as well. A special Thanks must go out these folks as they take on some heart wrenching situations. It can't be easy. Perhaps you can begin your dog walking or pet service career by volunteering for the SPCA. All the info you need to begin is on their site.


Below I have started a list of veterinary clinics and animal hospitals that I have used or have been recommended due to their reputation and love for animals.




This link is for emergency after hours veterinary care. It is ran and supported by a group of local Veterinary Doctors. 


If you suspect your pet has ingested a poisonous substance contact your vet or the emergency clinic noted above. If you are unable to or are simply seeking information click this link. It will take you to the ASPCA Poison Control Centre webpage. Contact information can be found here as well.


This list consists of well known organizations or associations relating to professional pet services. They may be dog walking associations, pet sitting services, dog training organizations, business or pet insurance companies.

Insurance: https://www.profur.ca/

Dog Walking Association: http://www.prodogwalker.com/

Dog Trainers: http://www.cappdt.ca/public/jpage/1/p/Home/content.do

Dog Training and Behaviour Consulting: http://caninefoundations.com/index.php