Sweaty Dog Fitness Company Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions of any and all business transactions conducted between Sweaty Dog Fitness Company ("Sweaty Dog") and it's customers and clients ("client"). Sweaty Dog reserves the right to edit the Terms and Conditions on an ongoing basis as desired. Any transactions completed will fall under the Terms and Conditions set forth at that date and time.

1. Sweaty Dog promises all agreed upon fitness dates are honoured with exceptions due to weather, sickness or injury, and/or personal emergencies.

2. By agreeing to conduct business with Sweaty Dog, the client confirms that you have the approval of your chosen veterinarian to allow your dog to participate in the fitness program agreed upon between the client and Sweaty Dog or you have chosen, without your veterinarian's approval, to allow your dog to participate in the fitness program agreed upon by the client and Sweaty Dog. The client also understands and acknowledges the inherited perils and agree that Sweaty Dog, and/or any of it's associated businesses, family members or personal assets will not be held liable in any way, type or form and no legal proceedings or claims may be brought forth against them.

3. Claims by Sweaty Dog about extending the life of your dog or being the fittest and healthiest in the neighbourhood are not a literal guarantee. The client understands and acknowledges that it is common knowledge that an exercise or fitness program is intended to, and typically does aid in prolonging the life expectancy. Other perils, illnesses and/or acts of God may occur during your dog's life. Sweaty Dog can not be held accountable for this, nor does the money back guarantee come into effect.
4. The client agrees to pay any due balance in full upon the agreed upon services date with Sweaty Dog Fitness Company.

5. Balances owed are payable in full by cash or personal cheque. Any NSF cheques will carry a $35.00 surcharge.

6. If you, the client, do not agree that the Services performed by Sweaty Dog have shown a benefit to your dog, all monies owed for that service period will be reimbursed to the client under the following plan.
- after the first day of services 100% of owed monies is reimbursed.
- after the second day of services 75% of owed monies is reimbursed.
- after the third day of services 50% of owed monies is reimbursed.
- after the fourth day of services 25% of owed monies is reimbursed.
- after the fifth day of services no monies owed will be reimbursed.

7. The client also agrees that if you choose to employ the services of Sweaty Dog, after previously utilizing Sweaty Dog's money back guarantee, that all monies previously reimbursed must be paid in full before any new services are purchased and/or rendered.

8. Cost of services may change from time to time. Any services purchased will remain at the agreed to price for the balance of the agreed to term.

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